The Crisco Cry on The Floor of Mama’s Diamond Quilted Womb by Jenna Lyles

Button nose buried her underbrush sinews
Haptic eyes glued to her gullet     overhead

The looming crib               ducking sporadic 
          Behind hunger-punched gums

A fleshsick hound lay dying in this swamp
Eager snout misled by          cottonseed 

     Swept into the ovoid shell 
lain into your fivehead             soft-like, 

Minding         you         unloosed
from your iron collar   reaching

For gutborne shortening such as this
Close both eyes        say a prayer

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Contributor Notes

Jenna Lyles is a multi-genre writer and recent graduate of The University of Alabama’s MFA program, wherein she taught creative writing and served as an assistant editor for Black Warrior Review. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Rattle, Juked, Breakwater Review, Sinister Wisdom, and other such publications. You can find her at