Open by Tomas Nieto

Sesame. Pandora’s Box, jumping alive. War:
a biography. Heart under scalpel and miracle.
Book into body. Vowels forming a prayer.  

Eyes. Buds blossoming. 24/7 for all
the restless. House. Pads. Goods.
Up in a brief moment of mending.

Locks. Flood gates. Skies. Mouths,
hungry for words. Lungs. Schools.
Casket creating a small world of rain.

Invitation. Schedules. Doors.
To the public. Treasure chest and all
of the riches. Wounds, ready to scab over.

Letters. Roads. Seas.
Questions. Dialogue. Borders.
Palms. Minds. Arms.

A way to believe.

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Contributor Notes

Tomas Nieto is a Filipino/Mexican-American writer from San Diego. He holds degrees from San Diego State University and San Francisco State University and is alumni of Las Dos Brujas and VONA/Voices. His work has appeared in Solstice Literary Magazine, The Rumpus and others.