clock out before you hit 25. don't drive my labor up by Shakeema Smalls

Introduction to December 2015 Issue

there is bone. a no
flicked off
uncouth grass. tire
body; an itch of restlessness
paw sharpening. open juice
open sesame. for the
bone diggers & robber
barons. the uneasy of a
day settled into dimple
my back, an earth
quake. bury bone. dog
bring. what a back
to ache. glass fingernails
splintered across a road
bus reel: forward.
drunken map watusi
to where? as if
this is the last stop.
as if: i have had better backs
& greater aches
& can even recall
how to dig a grave. 


Contributor Notes

Shakeema Smalls lives in Georgetown, South Carolina. Her work has been published in Tidal Basin Review, Blackberry: A Magazine, and The Feminist Wire, among others. She has upcoming work in Sugared Water and American Athenaeum.