For Semenya & Sisters by Naomi Extra


 a masculine, assteroid 
pounding pavement, balls 
caught between

the strings of mama’s hair net.

Etched in egg
dripping sweet unto 
massa’s media.

        Caster aside
        Chiefs searched for an erection,
tested for testes
found only stallion hips
and dollar sequins

Ovaries abducted in the quiet of the night
bones gripped by charcoal
legs spread wide.

Wire, barbed,
tied up her arms and             thighs,
flatten’d soul.

Across great atlantic corridors,


Sister of Venus, 
not afraid to let fire fly.

Her Holes filled.


Contributor Notes

Naomi Extra is a Haitian-American writer and educator whose art has been greatly influenced by music.  Naomi studied Film and Media Studies at the University of Rochester.   She has taught art based writing classes at several prestigious universities in France where she incorporated her love for jazz and film into the classroom. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in African American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she plans to write about and research the role of Haitians in the emergence of jazz in New Orleans.  Naomi is currently working on a memoir of her experience growing up as a bicultural child in upstate New York.