(27) by Kelli Stevens Kane


there are big silent ovals
on the outside of the air
choir mouths
singing O
it's where the wind comes from


Contributor Notes

Some poems breathe into us between thresholds of ether, and return to the sky unscathed.   "(27)" is one such poem from "Hallelujah Science,"  Kelli Stevens Kane's first manuscript, which is currently circulating in first book contests. 

Kelli Stevens Kane's poetry is featured or forthcoming in Spider Magazine, Denver Syntax, The Poetry Super Highway, The Mom Egg, Word Riot, Mythium Literary Journal, and Little Red Leaves. She is an alum of the VONA and Hurston/Wright poetry workshops, edits Planet Saturday® Comics, and received a Serpent Source Foundation grant for an oral history about the Hill District of Pittsburgh. For more information visit: http://planetsaturday.com/kelli/